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We place a huge importance on sustainability at ZSL London Zoo and CH&CO Catering. All ingredients used in our events are responsibly sourced and are of the highest quality. Below are some of the steps we have taken to minimise our impact on the environment:


We use fresh, quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced and support local suppliers and producers within the UK.

We work with our supply partners to ensure that we’re buying products that are in season and are sustainably sourced.  For example:

  • Our fish is sustainably sourced
  • The Responsible Fishing Scheme certification is incorporated into our sourcing policies. We use no 5-rated fish, 95% of overall fish spend is 1-3 rated and we only buy pole and line tuna
  • Our pledge to the Marine Conservation Society protects our seas, shores and wildlife.
  • We use meat from welfare conscious farms 
  • We use fruit and vegetables that are in season and are sourced as locally as possible
  • Where packaging is necessary, we use compostable products
  • We send all our used cooking oil to Olleco to be converted to renewable energy
  • Our kitchen team only uses certified sustainable palm oil
  • All our food waste is given to Bio collectors to be converted into electricity, biogas and fertiliser 
  • All of our coffee is Fairtrade
  • CH&CO holds the top level 3* rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association

Removing plastics and disposables

We are proud supporters of the #OneLess initiative. The collaborative initiative run by the Zoological Society of London, Forum for the Future, The International Programme on the State of the Ocean and the Thames Estuary Partnership; aims to reduce single-use plastic use and tackle ocean pollution at source.

One of the #OneLess 28 drinking fountains installed across London, to discourage plastic bottles, is housed at ZSL London zoo, contributing to the reduction in plastic water bottles.  In one year alone, 15 fountains across London dispensed the equivalent of 155,474(500ml) plastic water bottles.

Since CH&CO pledged to remove plastic and disposables across the venue, we have saved over 2 million plastic bottles. We are currently 95% plastic free and aim to be 100% by the end of 2019.

We do not use any single use plastic onsite.